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What better way to experience the warmth and grandeur of Colombo than to take a guided walk through some of its famous streets?

Colombo is considered a shopper's paradise with a fine selection of local malls, Sri Lankan arts and handicrafts. Explore the world-famous streets of Pettah where you can find just about anything you want, from mobile phones and electronics to clothes and books.

You will be also able to experience firsthand, Colombo's multicultural roots with its colonial architectural marvels as well as its multi-religious places of worship. Temples, Kovils, Mosques and Churches are commonly seen across the city but each with a unique story to tell.

Witness the great colonial influences within the city from street names, to food, to architecture. The Portuguese, Dutch and British colonists who once occupied this great city each left their unique marks on Colombo.

Learn more than you can from a guidebook from our experienced English-speaking guide. Your guide, well-versed in the inner-workings of Colombo, will always be prepared to impart his knowledge of this fine city's history.

Our walks are usually around 3 to 4 hours and are conducted in the evening. This allows us to conduct them in relative comfort when the humidity of Colombo's tropical conditions is far less intense. This also helps you experience the city when it is unwinding from the hustle and bustle of the day.


Colombo is Sri Lanka's commercial and cultural capital and is located on the western coast of the island. The city has served as an important commercial port city since ancient times and has been the scene of many prominent historical moments.

Heavily influenced by its diverse populace and its rich history, Colombo's culture, architecture, cuisine and historical attractions make for a multicultural melting-pot. Ancient traders came to its ports to gather ivory, precious stones and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and pepper. European colonists occupied the city for centuries as well due to its strategic location on an important trade route.

All these cultural and historical influences give Colombo its unique flavour. In modern times the city is home to a diverse group of communities which adds to its splendour and is still known as a shopper's paradise.

Experience the true colour of Colombo and feel its heartbeat by exploring a variety of attractions as well as interacting with its vibrant people.


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