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Half Day 
May to October

Go snorkelling with schools of tropical fish and explore the mysteries of an underwater paradise among the coral reefs. This is your chance to have one of the most memorable aqua adventures on offer.

Meet with the Excursions Sri Lanka team at the previously designated location after which you will be taken on a 15 minute boat ride to the island.

Begin an amazing underwater tour of Sri Lanka's most beautiful corals and fish. Enjoy a two-hour snorkelling expedition on the island's reef and explore its splendour.

The white sandy beach and the crystal clear blue waters provide the perfect backdrop for this relaxing activity. The ideal time for snorkelling is between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the sun is directly above and visibility is at its peak.

Our tour package contains everything you need including all essential equipment, boat fees and instructors. All underwater activities are conducted by fully trained UDI (United Diving Instructors) and PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) instructors to ensure your safety at all times.

You can then restart you cycling journey through this breathtaking landscape until you reach your final stop and the end of the tour.

This unique experience cannot be passed up as it affords you the chance to take an intimate look at Sri Lanka's best scenery and wildlife highlights all in one.



Pigeon Island is one of only two marine national parks found in Sri Lanka. Filled with some of the country's most beautiful coral reefs, Pigeon Island has become a sanctuary for exotic marine species.

Located just one kilometre off the coast of Nilaveli in the Trincomalee District on the Eastern coastline of Sri Lanka, it gets its unique name from the Rock Pigeons that inhabit it.

In colonial times, Pigeon Island was used as a shooting range and was one of the areas in the country that were devastated by the tsunami in 2004.

However, in modern times the island has become popular for being a hotspot for snorkelling and scuba diving. This scenic haven harbours hundreds of species of coral including Brain Coral and Mussidae as well as 300 species of colourful fish.

The generally timid Blacktip Reef Sharks and several kinds of turtles such as the Hawksbill Turtle and Green Turtle often visit these reefs. This makes for an exciting and fun-filled snorkelling adventure in one of the most picturesque locations in Sri Lanka.

One of the few bastions of coral reefs and marine life, Pigeon Island has become the ideal location to engage in underwater adventures and learn more about the fascinating creatures that call it home.


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