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National Parks in Sri Lanka

According to the wildlife experts both local and foreign, Sri Lanka is best for Big Game Safaris outside Africa Though difficult to imagine, this tiny island is being the next to the gigantic African continent, when the likelihood and cost of seeing and photographing four or five charismatic animals  (Elephant, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Whale) in a one week safari, Sri Lanka is the best destination.

Further more travelling into the jungles with camps deep within the National Parks is an undiscovered treasure in Sri Lanka on the world wildlife map. Unlike many of the parks in India and Africa, Sri Lanka’s are not commercial; the charter of yesteryear remains intact thanks to the differed start into toe tourism arena.  Sri Lanka has an amazing variety of fauna and flora, with some of the world’s  highest densities of Leopards and Elephants. 

A visit to the Sri Lankan jungles is to enter a whole new world where nature has largely stayed still. Moreover, compare with Africa and India in a Sri Lankan wildlife tour of one week you have the best potential of seeing and photographing five charismatic mammals at a lower cost.

Described as “One of Asia’s top wildlife destinations”, there are several National Parks, of these the best known is the Yala National Park in the deep south of the island.  The other parks are Udawalawe National Park, Wilpattu National Park, Minneriya National Park and Horton Plains National Park. The topography and vegetation change from national park to national park, even the flora and fauna. 


Yala National Park

Is famous for its Leopard population, Sloth Bear, Elephant, Deer, Wild Boar and innumerable varieties of birds, endemic and migratory.

Wilpattu National Park

Close to Anuradhapura is unique in its topography having several inland ‘villus’ (Lakes) that attracts thousands of water birds. It is the domain of the elusive Leopard. Sloth Bear and herds of deer and Sāmbhar are common. The vegetation is lush and wide changes of vegetation can be experienced in different sections of the park.

Udawalawe National Park

Is next in popularity to Yala National Park, an Elephants could easily be observed even in midday. In addition 39 species of mammals and 183 species of birds have been recorded.

Elephant transit home Udawalawe National Park : A center for rehabilitation and re-integration of orphaned wild elephants has been established at the Udawalawe National Park  by the department of wildlife conservation.

Kumana National Park

Is a well-known bird sanctuary where a multitude of birds breed and roost. One of the most significant features of the park is the “Kumana Villu” – a 200 hectare 


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