Shopping in Sri Lanka

Shopping in Sri Lanka

Shopping is very rewarding from excellent tea and ceramic ware to exquisite gems, indigenous handicrafts, handlooms, silks and designer labels in clothes, leatherware, perfume and cosmetics.

Unmistakably stamped with Sri Lanka’s rich and varied cultural heritage, the local handicrafts would bring colour and character to any surroundings. The handicraft shops have an overwhelming range of items produced by local craftsmen – silver and brass filigree work and ornaments decorated with motif dating back to the Kandyan period, enchanting wooden ornaments and wood carvings of ageless elegance, masks, drums and lacquer-work of jewel-like brilliance.


Ceramic and Porcelainware

Sri Lanka is fast becoming the centre for the most exquisite ceramic and porcelain ware. There are several speciality shops in Colombo which undertake packing and overseas delivery.


There are many exclusive shops catering to the tastes of the fastidious shopper/shops which specialize in pure cotton clothing, handmade shoes and bags designer wear shoes and bags, handloom items such as linen tables ware, rugs and wall hangings in vibrant colours and contemporary design.


Shopping malls

A visit to the large modern shopping malls at Majestic City, Crescent Boulevard and Liberty Plaza is a must. In addition, there are shops owned and managed by talented local dress designers in Colombo. The shopping area in Colombo stretches southwards along Galle Road and Mel Mawatha (Duplication Road) down through Kollupitiya, Bambalapitiya, Wellawatte, Havelock Town, Reid Avenue and even up to Dehiwela and Mt.Lavinia.    



Batik is a beautiful way to say Sri Lanka, and batik shirts, skirts, dresses, sarees, kurtas, lungies, sarongs, tablecloths, wall hangings and other fabric items are available in most hotel shopping arcades and shopping areas.


Gem and Jewellery

Sri Lanka is famous for its high-quality Gems from Roman times, through the colonial era, to the present. The gem trade is widespread, and blue, yellow or star sapphires, rubies, cats eyes, amethyst, topaz aquamarines, garnets, moonstones, zircons and other precious stones are available throughout the island. Shops selling exquisite gold and silver jewellery delicate and modern with traditional flavour and also studded with precious and semi-precious stones as well as pearls. Gem & Jewellery trade. The SLGJE houses 38 shops, offers a free gem testing facility to foreigners. Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Exchange, Level 4 & %, East Lower Block, World Trade Centre.


Ceylon Tea

Some consider Ceylon tea the best in the world. Sri Lankan Tea has some fine blends, and many grades, B.O.P. (Broken Orange Pekoe) being the best.Some shoppes specialize in the various local teas and flavoured teas which are very attractively packaged in woven or wooden packs, or even small gold plated teapots for presentation.

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